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NEW Puff-dried Carrots

Dried carrots contribute important vitamin A to food storage. Yet for some people, dried carrots can have a strong taste and smell, even in soup or main dish recipes with plenty of spices. They also require cooking for 25-30 minutes to become tender.

New puff-dried carrots have now appeared on the market. These are made using partial dehydration followed by either sudden heat for 30-90 seconds, or sudden pressure reduction in a pressure chamber, causing them to puff. Puff-dried carrots have a GREAT flavor, tasting like fresh carrots. In fact, they can be eaten right out of the can! They hydrate and cook in 5-10 minutes, and taste so good they can be served alone as a side dish.

Search online to learn where to buy them. The taste and nutrition make them worth the additional cost compared to dried carrots.