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Water Storage Information

Current recommendations for stored water are a minimum of 14 gallons/person, enough for about 2 weeks. National emergency authorities recommend changing and replacing your stored tap water every 6 months. It’s easy to remember to do this in the spring and again in the fall.

FEMA and the American Red Cross say pre-treating tap water that is treated commercially by a water treatment facility with bleach will not increase its storage life and is not necessary. If you store water from a well, or public water that is not treated, follow instructions provided by your local public health authority or water provider.

Easy Water Storage Ideas

If you don’t want to store your own tap water, you can store water in one of the following ways:

Buy commercially bottled water in cases. Follow the expiration dates on the bottles.

Commercial water service companies, such as Culligan, sell water bottled in 5-gallon containers, which they deliver to businesses and homes. Culligan recommends a storage life of 2 years. The company delivers new bottles and takes away the old, making this a great idea for water storage if you live in an apartment or condo, or are elderly. Call your local company for cost of deposit and delivery.