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Storing charcoal

August and September are good times to look for end of season sales on charcoal and stock up. This is a great cooking fuel to store because it stores indefinitely.

Charcoal must be protected against moisture. The Kingsford Charcoal Company web site now recommends storing charcoal in a cool, dry place. However, some people store charcoal in a garage or shed in the original bags and, for additional protection against moisture, place them in plastic containers or large plastic bags. In humid climates, there is some concern that just the right combination of humidity and heat can cause charcoal to spontaneously combust. One interesting web site lists an impressive amount of research from foremost authorities suggesting that spontaneous combustion is unlikely with the quantities of charcoal people would store at home. When storing any fuel in or around your residence, always check your insurance policy and any applicable city or county ordinances. Check with your local fire authorities for their recommendations. Then you decide how to store your charcoal.